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Questions? Call Us: (313) 915-0045 or Email Us: moc.tsohylevil%40troppus



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There are a lot of moving parts to a website

You have it all figured out... the WordPress version with the theme the site is built on, user comments, and numerous plugins that make your website run like a well oiled machine.
Speaking of an oiled machine, it’s safe to look at your site like you would a car. If you bought a car and never changed the oil, never added steering fluid, never took it to a mechanic when the check engine light turned on, and any other mechanic-y things you can think of, you can bet that in 5 years time that car isn’t going to run.
If we equate that to a website, not only would your site not run but it would be hacked by anyone smart enough to take advantage of this lack of security.
In fact,


Getting hacked sucks, trust me.

I’ve gotten hacked myself, before I changed hosting companies years ago, and before I truly realized the importance of keeping your website consistently updated. I also can’t count the amount of times that I’ve helped clients with a hacked site. What could have been such a simple avoidance turned into a nightmare of lost customers, starting from scratch, and wasted money on their end.

What can you do to avoid being hacked??

So, so, so simple. You have 2 options, you can either bite the bullet and be reallllllyyyyyy diligent about keeping your site maintained yourself, or hire someone – like me – to do it for you. I offer a Care Plan because I know that as a small to mid-sized business owner, you should be focusing on your business, not the tedious things that keep your site up and running.


● Twice monthly (or weekly for a robust site) updates to all core files; WP, theme, plugins, and comment moderation. ● I also run a few site speed tests every once in a while to make sure there isn’t any bloated code or superfluous CSS/JS that might be making your site underperform.● I will install something on your site that will send me auto alerts if anything acts strangely on your site. Be gone, evil would-be hackers!● 2 Hours of design changes/mo. That in itself is a worth $200+.● Setup and maintenance of monthly full website backups of your site, saved to my cloud.● Dealing with your hosting company to fix a hack, should a resilient and particularly skilled hacker get in.

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